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What does dehydrated skin look like?

If you’re wondering what the characteristics of dehydrated skin are, we can help. One of the
main signs of dehydration? When your skin suddenly begins to feel tight and uncomfortable when the weather gets colder or generally when the temperature in your environment changes, you may have dehydrated skin. When the skin barrier becomes damaged, it lets the moisture out – and the irritants in! If you feel you may have dehydrated clogged skin, other symptoms can include inflammation, redness and congestion.

My skin feels dehydrated, what are the causes?

Dehydrated skin is caused by a number of external factors, with the most common culprits being weather, environment, diet, detergents… and even caffeine consumption. All of these factors can result in diminished water content within the skin. Don’t panic though - while your complexion may feel flaky, rough, and even a little sore right now, it’s actually relatively simple to rectify dehydrated skin with a care routine packed with targeted skin solutions.

BIODERMA’s solution: Hydrabio

All skin types (normal, dry, oily, combination) can have problems with dehydration, so if your skin feels dehydrated, listen to your body and give it the nourishment and TLC that it deserves. Whether you’re wondering how to treat dehydrated oily skin or your combination skin is feeling tighter than usual, there are a number of moisture-generating products that work to alleviate symptoms. With our powerful dehydrated skin care routine, BIODERMA can help you gain hydrated, healthy and happy skin.
BIODERMA’s solution: meet Hydrabio, a range dedicated to alleviating symptoms of dehydrated and dull skin. This hardworking range of products offers a complete skincare routine for the most dehydrated complexions and skin. From cleansing to care products, discover powerhouse cleansers, revitalising micellar waters, moisture-generating serums, rich creams, soothing mists and beyond. With the help of Hydrabio, you’ll never have to wonder how to combat dehydrated skin again.
Hydrabio Gel Crème: This lightweight moisturiser is intensely hydrating and ultra-soothing. The gel-crème texture is like a wakeup call for the skin and is perfect for normal to combination, dehydrated ageing skin. This hardworking formula stimulates the production of aquaporins (water channels in the skin) and retains the water it needs to be balanced.
Hydrabio H2O: A micellar water that goes above and beyond removing makeup. Prescribed by dermatologists to hydrate, soothe and cleanse the skin of impurities and pollution particles that can act as an irritant to dehydrated skin. Expect soft, glowing skin with a radiance like never before.
Hydrabio Sérum: Fast-acting, hardworking and powerful, this concentrate generates both instant and lasting hydration. Packed with active ingredients, the Aquagenium™ patent and powerhouse hyaluronic acid, xylitol & glycerin to stimulate 3 mechanisms of hydration and restore the skin’s radiance.
Hydrabio Tonique: A moisture-generating toning lotion, with proven efficiency in hydrating the skin in just 8 hours. Promising to leave the skin feeling toned, moisturised and refreshed, Tonique is formulated with active ingredient complex Aquagenium™, which generates intense hydration both immediately and lastingly. Finally, fast-acting dehydrated skin care products that aren’t too heavy for the skin.

Dehydrated skin routine: BIODERMA’s do’s and don’ts

If you’re struggling with uncomfortable symptoms and wondering how to take care of dehydrated skin, BIODERMA reveals how to hydrate the skin – for good. A key step to your new dehydrated skin regimen is – and we emphasise this – use the right cleanser! While cleansing twice daily is an incredibly important step that must not be missed in your routine, using a product that is too harsh for your skin can actually counteract your good work. Soaps and detergents can actually strip the skin's barrier, when you need to boost it. Use a cleanser that is soap-free and formulated to our skin’s healthy pH then follow with serums and gels that include gold star ingredient hyaluronic acid, as this hydrates the skin from the inside, out.   
Shop the Hydrabio range and gain healthy and happy skin with BIODERMA.

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Range Hydrabio

All skin types (dry, oily, combination) can have problems with dehydration. This lack of water makes skin tight and the complexion becomes dull.

BIODERMA’s solution: Hydrabio, a range dedicated to dehydrated skin with a complete skincare routine from cleansing to care products. Specific cleansers for dehydrated skin, moisture-generating serum, hydrating creams... choose your routine!