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What causes painful skin sensitivity?

In a number of cases, sensitive skin is caused by underlying skin conditions, however you may simply have sensitive skin that is more prone to irritation than normal skin. Typically, sensitive skin is caused by the nerve endings in the top layer of skin becoming irritated when the skin's natural barrier is weakened by triggers. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience discomfort and irritation after exposure to skin care products, soaps, detergents and fragrances in topical products. If you’re looking for face wash, body wash or face moisturisers for sensitive skin, it’s vital that you choose targeted treatments packed with healing ingredients and free from harmful parabens and allergens. The wrong kinds of products can leave you with sore, itchy, dry and red-looking skin on both the face and body. Other triggers may be hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, and even pollution. When exposed to these triggering factors, sensitive skin can burn, sting, break out in hives and feel extremely uncomfortable.



Sensitive skin: the different types

What causes sensitive skin can vary depending on the type of sensitive skin that you have. Generally, there are four different types of sensitive skin including thin skin, reactive skin, naturally sensitive skin and environmentally sensitive skin. Thin skin refers to ageing skin. As we get older, the skin becomes thinner, and thinner skin is easier to irritate as the skin barrier is naturally not as strong. Reactive skin is genetic and can be linked to conditions such as atopic skin, rosacea, psoriasis and combination acne-prone skin. Environmentally sensitive skin is triggered by outer aggressors in the environment, such as sun exposure, pollution, and other allergens that your skin might come into contact with. If you’re dealing with reactive skin, this type of skin becomes inflamed and irritated by skincare and makeup products. You’ll need to invest in specific cleansers, moisturisers and foundation for sensitive skin if you are dealing with the above symptoms. If you’re looking for a new sensitive skin care routine, explore the range of products at BIODERMA. Formulated by skin experts to give you healthy, and glowing skin.

The Sensibio range


Symptoms of sensitive skin include tingling, overheating, tightness, feelings of discomfort, and diffused or localised redness. Those dealing with sensitive skin should avoid using skin care products that contain fragrances and dyes as they can cause minimal to severe reactions. We recommend choosing detergents, skincare and make up products that are formulated specifically for sensitive skin. That’s where Sensibio comes in.

BIODERMA’s solution: meet Sensibio, a soothing range dedicated to even the most sensitive of skin. In addition to the iconic Sensibio H2O micellar water, the range includes targeted cleansing and care products that are recommended by dermatologists and clinically proven to calm and soothe the skin almost immediately. From moisturisers for sensitive skin and anti-redness care products (available as a cream or BB cream for some extra coverage) to nourishing creams, gain healthy skin with BIODERMA’s help.
Sensibio Rich: A nourishing cream that instantly cools hot and uncomfortable skin, increasing the skin’s sensitivity threshold. This soothing face cream for sensitive skin is proven to reduce the sensation of tightness by 80%, inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory molecules to make the skin less reactive. Perfect for dry skin experiencing sensitivity, it helps to rebuild the protective barrier of the skin.

Sensibio Tonique: Instantly tone and refresh the skin with this lightweight lotion, formulated to hydrate the skin in just 8 hours.  This formula contains an active ingredient Allantoin that minimises the appearance of redness and feelings of discomfort, whilst simultaneously soothing the epidermis. For soothed and hydrated skin that is perfectly prepped to get the full benefit of the rest of your skincare.

Sensibio AR BB Cream: This anti-redness BB cream harmonises the complexion, leaving you with a desired radiant glow. Biologically formulated to reduce, prevent and conceal redness, welcome smooth, soft and stronger skin.

Sensibio Light: A moisturiser for sensitive skin that biologically strengthens the skin's resistance to attack irritants, thereby increasing the tolerance threshold of sensitive and intolerant skin. Its light texture is perfect for normal to combination skin experiencing sensitivity symptoms. Say goodbye to irritated, angry and red skin, and hello to a perfectly moisturised complexion.

How to care for skin that is sensitive to touch: BIODERMA’s do's and don'ts


If your skin becomes instantly red, tight, inflamed or you’re generally uncomfortable when exposed to some of the triggers we have mentioned, it’s important that you take the time to seek professional advice. A skin specialist can help you determine the exact ingredients that aggravate your symptoms, and they'll be best equipped to guide you on how to take care of your sensitive skin.

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The Sensibio range

Range Sensibio

Symptoms of sensitive skin include tingling, overheating, tightness, feelings of discomfort, and diffuse or localised redness.

BIODERMA’s solution: Sensibio, a range dedicated to sensitive skin. In addition to the iconic Sensibio H2O micellar water, the cleanser and make-up remover for sensitive skin, the range includes cleansing and care products that are recommended by dermatologists: face care products for sensitive skin, anti-redness products (available as a cream or BB cream), and more. Choose the routine suited to your skin!