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What causes atopic skin conditions?

The basic understanding of atopic skin is that inflammation and flare-ups occur due to an excessive number of inflammatory cells in the skin. Those dealing with dry, itchy skin and atopic skin typically have a compromised skin barrier. In order to manage irritated, dry to atopic skin, replenishing lipids to strengthen the skin barrier is essential – and can be done with the right skin care solutions. While healthy, normal skin retains moisture and protects the skin from external irritants, allergens and bacteria, atopic skin is related to a gene variation in which the skin’s ability to provide this type of protection suffers. Some of the most common triggers of atopic dermatitis are dry skin, external irritants such as pollution, the weather, stress and anxiety, soaps, allergens, and even heat and sweating. While these kinds of triggers can worsen the symptoms of atopic skin conditions, they are not the exact cause.



Can I soothe the symptoms of dry itchy and atopic skin?

Of course, but you’ll need to invest in specialised skin care that works with your skin’s natural biology, not against it. Whether you’re dealing with uncomfortable itchy flare-ups or sore, red leathery skin, the experts at BIODERMA can help restore your skin’s natural beauty and help you regain confidence in your skin. We recommend gaining medical advice from a professional to uncover particular triggers, before you invest in a number of products. Once you know what to avoid, you can begin creating your own atopic skin care routine. Currently, there is no known cure for atopic skin, but finding the right kind of skin treatments can help to reduce itching and feelings of discomfort. In particular, moisturising the skin with soothing formulas will work to improve the function of the skin barrier, creating healthier skin on the face and body. When the skin is healthy and strong, it doesn’t get as inflamed, and is strong enough to provide a protective barrier against irritants. Use products packed with uber-nourishing ingredients that promise to calm the skin, reduce stress, and limit excessive scratching that can lead to skin infections.


The Atoderm range

So, how do you treat dry itchy and atopic skin that is prone to uncomfortable flare-ups? Allow BIODERMA to intervene. By replenishing the skin’s epidermal lipids with targeted skin care solutions, you can prevent bacteria and irritants from penetrating the skin’s surface, which is the main culprit that causes symptoms to worsen.
BIODERMA’s solution: Meet Atoderm, an uber-nourishing and soothing skin care range formulated specifically to ease painful and uncomfortable symptoms of atopic skin. The Atoderm range consists of a trio of care products that have been approved by dermatologists and are clinically proven to improve some symptoms in just 24 hours. Promising to replenish, soothe and hydrate very dry and itchy skin, each product fights to strengthen the skin barrier, increase comfort and reduce the urge to scratch the skin.
Atoderm Intensive baume:  An ultra-soothing care cream that promises to comfort stressed and dry itchy skin, without causing the skin to appear greasy or oily. The non-sticky, non-oily formula is packed with the hardworking active ingredients that make up the Lipigenium® complex. This complex is composed of biolipids found in the epidermis and reconstructs the skin barrier by biologically stimulating the synthesis of lipids and proteins. Soothe, nourish and calm the skin with a blend of healing extracts that provide essential moisture. The anti-pruritus dermatological agent PEA relieves itching and reduces the urge to scratch particularly bad atopic skin breakouts. The Skin Barrier Therapy® also prevents the adhesion of bacteria and external aggressors that cause irritation.
Atoderm Crème: A protecting daily care product formulated with beneficial and restructuring agents to biologically strengthen the skin barrier. This uber-creamy moisturiser leaves your skin feeling lastingly soft and supple and can be used on normal skin as a dry skin preventative, or dry, itchy skin to rebuild the compromised protective barrier.  Proven to improve hydration by 20% within 24 hours, BIODERMA’s formula is gentle, non-comedogenic and unfragranced; nourishing your skin from its very first application.
Atoderm Gel Moussant:  A powerhouse cleanser that combats irritation and dryness by strengthening the skin barrier. Incorporate this lightweight anti-itching gel into your dry and atopic skin care routine and replenish the skin’s essential lipids. Soap and fragrance-free to prevent irritation commonly caused by cleansing products.





Atopic skin: BIODERMA’s do’s and don’ts



If you’re struggling with dry itchy skin or atopic skin breakouts, BIODERMA can help. You deserve to feel comfortable in the skin you’re in, which is why we recommend seeking advice from a professional to receive your initial diagnosis. This will help you to identify your triggers, so that you can avoid uncomfortable flare-ups. A huge part of taking care of dry itchy and atopic skin is to moisturise daily to seal in moisture and hydrate the skin. Use formulas that instantly soothe and lastingly hydrate. Whether you have dehydrated skin, very dry skin or you’re struggling with particularly sensitive skin, explore BIODERMA’s selection of formulas that promote healthy, radiant and natural skin.
Shop the Atoderm range to soothe symptoms that you have suffered with for far too long.

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The Atoderm range

Dry skin is characterised by tightness and a lack of suppleness that are sometimes combined with itching and patches.

BIODERMA’s solution: Atoderm, a full range of cleansing and care products for the face and body tailored to dry, very dry or atopic skin to be used daily as well as alongside treatments for eczema or itching... all the essential products for soft, comfortable skin! Say goodbye to tight, itchy skin after showering!